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Little RTS game made for the Game Jam "Jam Today 2017" in Granada. The theme was "Circular Economy".


A meteor from the outer space crashed on an island. You have been sent to destroy the threat, but it will not be an easy task. The resources are limited, and your only way to survive and annihilate the alien forces is to use the resources wisely and to recycle the leftovers your units leave when destroyed.

Game controls

The controls are similar to clasic RTS games like Age of Empires or Warcraft:

  • Move your mouse towards the limits of your screen to move around the camera
  • Left click to select units and buildings.
  • Right click in the ground while an ally unit is selected to command it to move to the target position.
  • Right click a resource (a tree or a metal mine) to command a Collector to extract resources from it.
  • Right click an enemy unit or building to command an unit to attack it.
  • Mouse wheel to zoom.
  • Escape to leave the game.


  • The objective is to destroy the enemy base. You will lose if your own base is destroyed.
  • You can find three kinds of resources:
    • Wood: You can obtain it from the trees. Used to create all units.
    • Metal: You can obtain it from the metal mines. Used to create military units.
    • Scrap: Your military units leave Scrap in the ground when destroyed. Collectors can carry it to the base or a Recycling Plant. Used to create scrap military units
  • Start spawning Collectors from your base (select it to show the menu), which you can send to extract nearby resources. You will need some Wood in order to create this unit.
  • You can spawn Metalings from the base, a strong military units which needs Metal in order to be generated.
  • Collectors can build Stores and Recycling Plants:

    • Stores: Collectors can store wood and metal in them in order to make the trip shorter from the resource node.
    • Recycling Plant: Collectors can store scrap in them. In addition, they allow you to create scrap units.
  • You can find some Meteor fragments along the island. They will attack your nearby units, so be careful.
  • The enemy base generates Aliens periodically. Aliens will move towards your enemy base taking a random path and will attack any nearby friendly unit or building. The quantity of Aliens the base spawns increases with every spawn, so try to destroy it quick.


  • Collector: Extracts resources, collects scrap and builds Stores and Recycling Plants. Costs Wood.
  • Metaling: Basic military unit. Costs Metal and some Wood. Leaves Scrap on the ground when destroyed.
  • Scrapling: The weakest unit. Costs Scrap and a small amount of Wood and Metal. You spawn three of them at the same time. Leaves Scrap on the ground when destroyed.
  • M3G4Scrapling: Big scrapling, the strongest unit in the game. Costs a lot of Scrap and some Metal and Wood. Spawns three Scraplings when destroyed.
  • Alien: Your enemies. They will attack any near friendly unit. 


The pathfinding begins to fail often when there is a certain quantity of units in the scene (about 20-30). This is due to the Unity's default Navmesh system, which can't stand enough agents. Try not to move your units too far with each command.



Trashcraft.zip 21 MB

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